Teacher Olive Coronado: Author| Self-Growth Success Teacher| Global Mompreneur| Business Mentor| Inspirational Trainer| Creative Soul| Word Weaver| Globe Trotter| Lifetime Learner

When it’s your own life at stake, you’ll do everything you can to break through and survive all the challenges.

And when it’s others’ lives on the line and you do something out of love, you will more than just make it.

You will make it BIG.

You will break through all the walls and come out successful. 

This was my story. This was the journey I shared with my husband as we struggled and stumbled and failed over and over again. 


I thought I’d have it easy…

After graduating with honors from the country’s top university, I thought I’d have it easy. I landed a nice teaching job, got promoted to coordinator, and authored four English textbooks.

Life was more or less a breeze when I was single. But when I got married, had a child, and then needed to support my mom financially, things changed.

When the pain of not being able to pay the bills and buy a simple toy for my son kicked in, that was the time I realized I was going nowhere.


Leaving the comfort zone

My husband and I were buried way too deep in debt, but we still took the risk to move out of our comfort zone and to try new ventures. We juggled several part-time sideline jobs along with our daytime teaching career.

Eventually we left the academe and dove into the unknown world of business. We put up six different small food businesses, all of which failed.

We also became insurance agents, wedding emcees, event planners, freelance writers, corporate speakers, and workshop facilitators before we finally focused on a proven business system that saved our butts from total bankruptcy (and irrevocable shame).

globequoteDon’t get me wrong. We learned a whole lot from those experiences and gained some new skills that we’re able to use until now.


Self-transformation led to success!

When we learned to transform our minds, enhance our skills, and become true leaders, that’s when we found ourselves moving forward. In a period of less than three years, we went from lost and almost hopeless to becoming a source of light and joy, and from a negative net worth to millions in passive income.

Before we knew it, we were already inspiring and mentoring others to achieve their own successes. Seems like our passion for teaching was still ingrained in every cell of our being… 

We currently lead a business organization with tens of thousands of members around the world. It’s incredible! 

Today I’ve put together my love for teaching, writing, self-growth, entrepreneurship, personal development, and wealth creation into this blog. What’s more, I’m eager to keep transforming lives one step at a time, one success at a time. 

There’s nothing like the fulfillment I get from seeing my “students” discover and develop their own greatness, create the life of their dreams, and eventually lead, teach, and inspire others. 

This is why I’m greatly passionate about success education. I believe that everyone’s got innate greatness waiting to be unleashed into the world. I believe that each one of us can be a success leader— as a parent to your child, a manager to your department, a business owner to your employees, a teacher to your class, or a friend to your social circle. 


Here’s another secret about me…

When I was young, I was highly insecure. 

What about you? Whenever you hear of success stories, is there a voice inside your head that says “That’s just them, not me!”?

Well, that sounds a lot like how I used to think. 

I always thought I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t intelligent enough, I wasn’t talented enough and so on. The small achievements I had often got buried under my pile of daily negative self-talk. 

I was then caught in a vicious cycle, digging my own hole deeper and deeper into depression. 

Over time, I learned to bounce back and rise from my pool of negativity. I realized that my own inner voice was pushing me further down. 

Over time, I discovered the language of success, learned it, and applied it to my life. I shifted my self-talk from negative to positive, from degrading to uplifting, from fault-finding to compassionate.

As a former teacher of the language arts, I’m fascinated by how people actually communicate with themselves. Now I absolutely love sharing the language of success to others, teaching them to use it to prosper themselves and craft their own fantastic lives.


oliveselfie1So who am I today?

At the moment, I’m a full-time wife and business partner to my husband. We are also the co-authors of the upcoming book “The W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor: A Practical Guide to Grit, Growth, and Greatness for Smart Parents and Kids“, scheduled to be released in 2017.

I’m also a self-growth success teacher, global entrepreneur, business mentor, writer, trainer, coffee lover, globe trotter, art and fashion enthusiast, certified foodie, and creative spirit. 

But above all, I’m most definitely a full-time mommy to my super-smart and multi-talented 6-year-old son.