Success Classroom is an e-learning hub that aims to help individuals around the world unleash their personal greatness, prosper themselves and the people around them, and ultimately live their dreams. 

Through online courses, books, blog posts, live events, and more, you can work on your self-growth and break free from the prisons of your own life. 

No two people have the exact same goals and dreams. You also create your own path. Success Classroom will simply help you realize where you want to go and how you can get there. 

My mission is to help you live your vision. 

My mission is to help you live your vision.

When you feel like you’ve hit rock-bottom and your loved ones’ lives are at stake, that’s when your mind pushes you to think out of the box and come up with ways to survive.

That’s when you go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

That’s when you’re driven to try all sorts of crazy things, and you never stop struggling until you have your breakthrough. 

This was my story, the journey I shared with my husband. We failed our way to where we are today, groping in the dark, stumbling and getting back up again, testing the waters and plunging into unknown oceans, until we finally made it. 

We were both honor students throughout our schooling years, which we now know isn’t a guarantee of success. We were also teachers for more than a decade before we ventured into business. 

Motivated by our newborn son, the need to support our parents financially, and a ton of dreams that seemed to be fading away, we had to act quickly— no matter how difficult or painful. 

Along the way, we also became insurance agents, wedding emcees, freelance writers, food cart retailers, and teacher trainers before we stumbled upon the business that paved the way for the blessings we were waiting for.

While running a global distribution business and mentoring various individuals, we founded a worldwide organization of over 35,000 (and growing every single day) marketers and entrepreneurs. 

After eight failed businesses and piles of debt, we were finally able to rise and achieve our dreams little by little. The journey’s far from over, though, since we always set new targets for ourselves. 

There was one great love that stuck with me even after the massive growth of our business— my writing. I simply can’t resist earning extra just doing my passion for online clients from across the globe. It’s amazing. 

I also still practice my passion for teaching, this time through self-growth coaching, mentorship of people in our business team, and e-courses  and ebooks on writing, personal development, and online freelancing. 

What’s more, I love to dabble in creative endeavors like graphic and web design, video editing, and novel writing. 

At the moment, I’m a full-time wife and business partner to my husband, a hands-on mom to our 6-year-old genius, and a choose-my-own-adventure freedomlancer and freedompreneur. I’m also a certified foodie, globe trotter, coffee addict, art and fashion enthusiast, and creative spirit.