You might find this idea funny… but in reality, there are sooo many people who actually don’t love or like themselves that much. And this is what causes a lot of their problems. 

Are you one of these individuals? How much do you love yourself?

This Valentine season, you may need to pay more attention to how you view and value yourself. This could be what’s lacking to boost your life success and happiness. 


3 Things You Need to Stop So You Can Love Yourself More

Unknowingly, most of us actually have inner critics that we just can’t seem to get rid of. We also have this habit of comparing ourselves to others, thus making us feel inferior at all times. 


If you want to succeed in life and be happier, you have to stop these things: 

stop1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. 

Comparison is a huge no-no because it will always make you feel bad about yourself. You’re at the losing end when you do this. Naturally, there will always be someone who may be better than you in one aspect. 

So whenever you feel yourself heading down that direction, shift your focus to what you are good at and to what else you are capable of. Make sure to get involved in endeavors where you feel most rewarded and appreciated. 

2. Stop Beating Yourself Up on Mistakes.

Majority of people around the world hear a nagging or accusing voice inside their heads, telling them how bad, poor, or undeserving they are. Do you hear one too?

We all make mistakes. The best way to deal with it is to accept it, learn from it, and move on. Just try to do better next time, but avoid replaying it in your mind and constantly reminding yourself about it. 

First, you need to conquer your inner critic. Second, you have to work on loving yourself more and raising your self-worth. It will take time, yes, especially if you have enormous “baggage” from the past. But it can be done. 

3. Stop Focusing on Negative Things. 

I love the saying, “What you focus on grows.” It’s super true! 

This is why it’s essential for us to focus on what’s positive in our lives rather than the negative. It might be easier said than done, but with regular practice, you can train yourself to do it. 

Start a gratitude journal. Visualize the wonderful possibilities waiting for you. Pray and thank God for daily blessings and even those you haven’t received yet. Hang out with positive people. Watch motivational videos and read inspirational books. There are so many ways for you to get on that positive vibe! 


3 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself 

Surely we weren’t born abhorring ourselves already. When we were little kids, we didn’t really have these negative thoughts. 

How we learn to value ourselves is developed through time, mostly during our childhood days. It’s a mixture of what we saw in and heard from the people around us, how we were treated, and more. 

Success and happiness can only be achieved if you have greater self-love and better self-worth. Here are some ways you can practice to help you fall in love with yourself:

  • Spend more time with yourself. 

Isn’t quality time (and quantity too) important in every relationship? Your relationship with yourself is badly in need of this as well. 

Perhaps you’re too busy with your job and chores that you forget to spend some time alone just appreciating yourself and enjoying “me” time. 

Make it a point to spend more time with yourself. Learn to cook a new dish, read a book in a quiet corner, soak in Mother Nature, or even have a solo getaway if you like!

It would help to insert this in your calendar or planner to make it a regular thing. 

  • Take care of yourself.

One way to feel good about yourself is when you go through the process of caring for your needs and wants. Part of this is pampering yourself from time to time, maybe with a massage or a new haircut. 

How do you take good care of your loved ones? Do the same thing for yourself!

Give your body some love by taking food supplements and injecting exercise into your lifestyle. Or play some soothing music while soaking in your bath tub. You get the point. 🙂

  • Write a letter to yourself. 

Feels weird? That’s okay. It will help, believe me. 

When you write to yourself, you’ll be surprised at some thoughts that may have been buried deep within you. When these surface, you can address them better.

What’s more, it will help you realize how you actually talk to yourself so that you can correct or improve it if necessary. Changing your negative self-talk can lead to amazing things you never thought possible!

How about writing a love letter to yourself regularly? If it helps you get closer to another person and eventually win his or her heart, it can certainly work with YOU too.

When you do this, write down all the wonderful things and traits you have. Woo yourself!

  • Reward your small successes.

sea-1284368_960_720Rather than setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration, set yourself up for pride, joy, and fulfillment. This can be done by setting smaller goals and rewarding your small successes. 

For instance, instead of waiting a whole year for you to achieve your weight or income goal, you can celebrate weekly achievements even if they seem insignificant at the moment.

You’ll not just love yourself more this way, but you’ll also get more motivated to keep going. 

  • Invest in your personal growth.

Personal growth is very, very important.

If you can invest in a new jacket or bag, you should all the more invest in a book, a training program, or a venture that you know will help you grow and become a better person. 

Over time, you’ll find yourself feeling more fulfilled, confident, and happy about your journey and where you’re going. 

  • Do what you love. 

When you engage in things you love to do, you are refreshed and energized. You’ll radiate with positivity, and begin to feel more loving toward yourself. 

Sooner or later, the negative elements in your mind, heart, and life will have no more place to stay in. They’ll get flushed out by your self-love. 

Furthermore, you won’t be tempted anymore to indulge in harmful stuff just to feel loved or to gain temporary joy. When this happens, you can finally break away from the cycle of doing something you regret later on and then hating yourself for it. 


Woo Yourself and Fall in Love!

Take the time to work on loving yourself more. It doesn’t have to mean you’ll love others less. On the contrary, you will actually have more to give without feeling drained. 

Fall in love with yourself every single day, and you’ll experience life like never before! This is bound to help you improve the different aspects of your life. Enjoy!