In this age of information, content is king. 

Businesses, freelancers, retailers, and even bloggers themselves are often in need of an outsourced writer to create blog posts, web content, product descriptions, ebook content, social media posts, or articles for other purposes. 

It can certainly save you time and effort to have a professional write these things for you while you focus on what you’re best at. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about grammar, spelling, and all that technical stuff. You’ll get high quality writeups that will make a good impression on your audience. 

As a published author, English teacher with international training in writing, seasoned writer with 10 years of online experience, and writing coach rolled into one, you can be assured of great value from me and my team of qualified writers.  

For samples and quotes, please email Thank you. 

Is your organization, company, or institution in need of an inspirational speaker, a personal development trainer, or a workshop facilitator? 

Do you want to motivate your people, develop their leadership skills, boost their confidence, or perhaps teach them to become financially literate? 

I specialize in talks and workshops on the following:

  • Self-growth
  • Confidence
  • Freelancing
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Financial Literacy for Kids
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids
  • Basic Money Management

For inquiries, please email Thank you.