Why are you stuck in mediocrity, living a so-so life that you’ve learned to just accept, while others are always excelling wherever they go?

Maybe you’re in that stage of your life right now wherein you feel like everything’s not going your way, or there’s one aspect of your life that downright sucks.

Well, take a look at these CAPITAL SINS of GREATNESS and see which ones you’re guilty of most of the time… so you can start being aware and correcting them as you go along…



blame“My parents did not make me feel loved, that’s why I hate myself.”

“My good-for-nothing spouse is the reason all our money vanished into thin air!”

“If not for the government’s stupid policy, my business would still be raking in great profits.”

“It’s my brother who started disrespecting me first.”

“My colleague ruined the whole project!”

And so on…

Sounds familiar? How often do you put the blame on others instead of taking 100% responsibility for the outcomes in your life?

To become successful in anything, first you’ve got to take responsibility. This way, you can be in control.

Let’s say you can’t control how your spouse spends the money he or she is holding. Then wouldn’t it be wiser to do something about what you can actually control? For instance, agree on a particular amount that each one of you can use as monthly allowance. The money that goes into household expenses and savings should be placed in separate accounts that are set for specific purposes and will not be used for anything else.

Compromise, compromise, compromise. Surely your spouse will be willing to discuss how to best go about it, if it’s for the good of your marriage, family, and finances. And while you’re at it, yes you can also control the way you speak to the person you chose to marry.



compareI’ve been guilty of this for as long as I could remember!

When I was young, I had such low self-esteem. One of the biggest reasons for this is my tendency to always compare myself with others and to always see myself at the losing end.

It’s a normal human tendency, but one that does a lot of damage to the self.

You see, nobody’s perfect. Hence there will always be somebody else better than you in one or more areas.

And if you keep on comparing and competing, you’ll never, ever win.

Doing this will make you feel miserable and inferior over and over again.

On the other hand, it’s healthier to simply compete with yourself. In this manner, you’ll have the drive to become greater without having to look at others with such negative thoughts and feelings.

What’s more, you’re likely to be happier with small successes and you’ll be in a more positive state in the long run.



sad-woman-1055087_960_720People can be very dramatic at times. We love to dwell on our embarrassing moments, failures, and heartaches.

Ever locked yourself up in the bathroom and cried for hours? How about acting like a zombie all day long? Or worse, snapping at anyone who tries to approach you!

Well, that’s forgivable. But it’s not good if you’ve been doing it for weeks and even months already!

Actually, the acceptable length of time depends on the reason. If you lost someone you care about, for example, then it’s understandable for you to take some time to mourn before you can pick up the pieces and get on with your life. 

But the faster you can pick yourself up and move on, the better. 

You want to be happy and successful? STOP DWELLING!!!

Throwing a self-pity party will only get you stuck. Yes, it’s helpful to release anger, sadness, frustration, and all those other negative emotions. But there are a lot of healthier options available if you need to do this. 

For example, instead of moping around at home, you can use a creative outlet like writing or painting.

Instead of shouting at others and bombarding yourself with self-degrading and self-bashing talk, you may want to confide in a friend who’s willing to listen. But one session is enough, okay? More than once is already DWELLING.



feet-932346_960_720“I’m slacking off because I’m just so tired these days…”

“It’s okay to cheat a little because everybody does it anyway.”

“I don’t need to start a business ‘coz I don’t need more money. Too much will just make me greedy.”

Have you heard similar justifications before? Don’t get too defensive now. The more transparent you can be with yourself, the more you’ll be able to correct this and thus move toward a better you.

The BIG “J” always gets in the way of us accomplishing bigger things. 

Notice the excuses given above. If you didn’t justify your slacking off, perhaps you would have gotten more done every day. If you didn’t justify why you don’t need more money, perhaps you would have made yourself richer and more generous to others— including your loved ones who will surely benefit from added wealth.

It’s scary how our mind can be so damn good at justifying things, thereby limiting what we’re really capable of. So starting right now, be wary of what goes on in your head that stops you from progressing in life. Like maybe now, there’s a voice inside you saying you don’t really need to finish reading this blog post because you’ve heard it all before!

Whenever you find yourself justifying, pause to reconsider and to enumerate the reasons why you ought to do the right thing.



complainThere was a time I became a complainer in the workplace since I was often surrounded with complainers (Oops, this is a form of justifying too because I could have chosen not to be like them, right?).

Anyway, as I listened to their never-ending grievances day after day, I soon found myself agreeing and finding more reason to complain too.

Rather than focusing on solutions and on being proactive, I became a chronic grumbler that just kept snowballing. In the end, I felt so burned out and wretchedly unhappy. Tsk-tsk. 

Did I have a choice? Of course I did! But I didn’t choose the better, healthier, smarter options.

When the snowballing effect happens, we’re likely to keep looking for more things to complain about. And guess what? More of them will really keep on appearing!

Lucky for me, I was able to get out of that life-sucking, totally depressing state. You should, too.

Haven’t you noticed that the more you complain, the more what you complain about grows?

The next time you catch yourself ranting about something, especially one you have no control over, think instead of alternatives that will help you be in a better, happier position.

Complaining is just a waste of time and energy. It won’t change anything except your own mood.

Also take note that chronic complainers will not just attract negative people and situations, but will also double or even triple illness-causing stress.



notes-514998_960_720Is this one of your biggest sins? *GASP!*

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

A lot of people are guilty of this, including me. Back then, I started projects and small businesses that I did not see through. Oftentimes I would quit after an initial difficulty or even during the early planning stages.

We all have various reasons for not finishing something we started. And this is why only a few people become truly successful.

Only a few are willing to do whatever it takes to finish strong and meet their goals and dreams. 

In blogging, for instance, I had started five already in the past that I did not continue. Five blogs! If I had focused on one, even if I’d just spent an hour a day for it, I probably would have built a good following already and eventually turned it into a profitable business!

What were my excuses? I had several— no time, a baby came into the picture, no upfront income. But come to think of it. If I really wanted to, I would have found the time.

In my years of business experience, I’ve encountered a lot of people who do the same thing when they start a business venture. Most of them eventually give up. Some don’t even stay long enough to experience any real challenge

I have also introduced many to the world of Internet freelancing. But only one or two of them were willing to learn and do the basics, and stick it out until they made it.

So are you going to be a procrastinator or a winner? Decide now and stick to it.



bench-560435_960_720I’ve met a lot of people who settle simply because they feel it’s a sin to want more. After all, we’re taught to be contented with what we already have. 

Believe me, I can totally relate. 

But here’s what I discovered— If we want to achieve our full potential, we can’t settle. That’s a grave sin against greatness. And if you’re holding back from becoming your greatest self, you are depriving the world of your gifts. Now I think that’s more sinful. 

The real secret to success in this matter is to be contented and grateful, but not to settle. We must combine gratitude with hunger, as the universe is immensely abundant and generous to those who seek more. 

Don’t settle for crumbs when you can have a buffet every single day. Don’t settle for a crummy relationship when you can have a partner who truly cares and takes good care of you. Don’t settle for substandard health when you can be young, vibrant, and fit. Don’t settle for a nice, secure job when you can be your own boss with a fat bank account. 

There’s nothing wrong with what you have today. You actually have to be thankful for them. But at the same time, you must adopt the mindset that there’s more out there for you and that you deserve to have the best! 🙂


Which “capital sin” above do you feel hinders your success the most? What do you plan to do about it? Hope to hear from you! Your comment will surely benefit other readers too, so feel free to write it down below.