The W.I.T. Factor Book


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Day in and day out, you’re going through the motions of parenthood like a robot while juggling a ton of work, errands, and house chores. The whole routine seems like a vicious cycle that keeps adding weight on your shoulders, getting you stuck for years without any real progress.

Is this really how you want to live for the rest of your life— stressed, overwhelmed, and “just getting by”? And to top it all off, you can’t even spend quality time with your kids, much less ensure that they learn the right principles to equip them for future life success.

Have you ever wondered why many kids grow up unable to handle the problems of real life? Some even succumb to illegal drugs and suicide. Others simply become unhappy underachievers. Most likely, they were never trained to develop grit and believe in the great things they’re capable of.

If you want your children to achieve their fullest potential and live their dreams, it has to start with you. Before you can teach them to manifest their greatness, you should unleash your own first.

Take the smart highway. Develop that “W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor” and watch yourself go places, move mountains, and live the life you’ve always wanted! Do it for yourself and for your kids— because you can!


Learn how to…

…cultivate grit, maximize your growth, and unleash your own greatness through smart, practical ways you can implement daily and pass on to your children.

Uncover in these pages…

…your self-limiting beliefs, words, and actions, along with the compelling reasons you may have to propel yourself to greatness. Discover practical methods and fun activities you and your kids can do regularly to eventually gain that “W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor” while strengthening your bond and fostering love and friendship.

How this book will benefit you…

  • Visualize your ideal family life and learn how to raise happy, healthy, and successful kids!
  • Discover the Ultimate Truth that stumps your growth!
  • Learn the #1 Secret to unleash your greatness and live your dreams!
  • Extinguish the lies and overcome the fears that have been stopping you from achieving more.
  • Become aware of the 7 Capital Sins of Greatness so you can avoid them for life!
  • Crush the monsters of your past for good so they’ll never get to your kids.
  • Find out how grit can save your own life and your children’s future!
  • Revolutionize your parenting to equip your children for success even when you’re no longer around.
  • Uncover the best and most practical ways to develop grit while bonding and having fun with the kids.
  • Reinforce the power of self-worth, freedom of choice, decision-making, strong will, visualization, and more to help develop the W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor in yourself and your kids.
  • Mold your kids’ inner voice to give them proper guidance throughout their life journey!
  • Become aware of everyday “teachable moments” to instill the W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor in your children