Meet the Authors

Sherwin and Olive Coronado are the authors of “The W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor: A Practical Guide to Grit, Growth, and Greatness for Smart Parents and Kids”, an upcoming book to be published in 2017. 

final book cover

They are former teachers who taught in the academe for more than ten years before pursuing other ways to increase their income and find greener pastures.

They became freelance writers, private tutors, lecturers, insurance agents, food retailers, wedding emcees, teacher trainers, and more.

Along with this roller-coaster ride, they also went through eight failed entrepreneurial ventures before finally establishing a successful global business.

sherwinolive with props 2From the clutches of debt and depression, they struggled to become self-made millionaires in just three years and eventually build a worldwide organization of more than 30,000 marketers and entrepreneurs.

They provide one-on-one mentorship for these individuals as well as conduct online and offline group training sessions that focus on developing leadership potential, cultivating the right mindset, instilling success principles, and teaching sales, marketing, and business skills.

Today, Sherwin and Olive are still teachers, directly impacting lives as authors, speakers, success coaches, and global entrepreneurs. They are also loving parents to 6-year-old Khalil, who has been observed to be gifted in math, music, reading, and writing, and who’s already set on becoming a billionaire businessman and singer in the future.

Passing on their changed mindset, personal development training, and acquired success principles to their own child allowed them to witness the powerful, positive results. Thus, they were driven to create the upcoming book “The W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor: A Practical Guide to Grit, Growth, and Greatness for Smart Parents and Kids”. 

sherwinolive with props 1Sherwin and Olive are cum laude graduates from the University of the Philippines, a premier institution in the country. They have authored four textbooks each in their respective fields while still active in the teaching profession, and have acquired extensive experience working with students of all ages.

This couple loves traveling with their son and exploring new places and cultures. They are advocates of the freedom lifestyle and of financial literacy. They also enjoy food, music, art, nature, and books.