At times, your inner beast shows itself because of fear and pain. You may lash out with anger, shy away from people, or put on a mask of lies because of past hurts.

But just like the Beast in the popular story “Beauty and the Beast”, there is also positive power that emanates from the same darkness inside of you. You just need to recognize it so you can strengthen it and unleash it.

Yes, the weaknesses you have may actually be your strengths too— if you know how to utilize them correctly.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses May Be the Same

Just think about it for a minute.

Some people are talkative. It can either get them new opportunities and widen their network, or get them into trouble.

There are people who are friendly and trusting. It may work well in building good relationships, but it can also place them in risky situations where they easily get hurt or feel betrayed.

What weaknesses do you have that can be used for your own benefit and for the good of others? Focus on transforming them into your strengths!

3 Ways to Transform Weaknesses Into Strengths

In order to become your best in life, you need to first identify and accept the weaknesses that you have. These are the things that often hinder you from moving forward or from realizing your dreams.


Here are the 3 ways you can transform your inner beast into beauty:

1. Determine how your present weaknesses can help you if you manifest them differently. 

Are you addicted to shopping and to the feeling of buying new stuff? Instead of spending for unnecessary things, become a personal shopper or buy supplies to give to charity.

Many people don’t like or don’t have time to do their groceries and run errands to buy knickknacks. Do it for them! Turn it into a part-time business and use the extra income for your own shopping desires. In this way, you can use your main income for your regular expenses and for savings and investments too.

Maybe your weakness is your impatience. Use it to speed up your work and be more productive. When you need to wait long, think of ways to keep yourself preoccupied while waiting.

Always strike a balance and be creative in coming up with ways to manifest your weaknesses in a manner that would be good for you in the long run.

2. Understand where your weakness stems from and then combine it with a strength. 

Let’s say your weakness is lack of concentration. Maybe you can’t focus only in a particular situation or with certain topics. So how about channeling your focus onto your actual interests?

For example, you may find repetitive office work boring. Perhaps you’d be better working in the events department! Or maybe you can’t concentrate well on sit-down tasks but you love having fun and interacting with people. Then look for venues where your weakness does not play a relevant role, but your strength is put to great use.

3. Expose yourself to people and situations that play up your strengths, not your weaknesses. 

Just like how Beauty brought out the true kindness of the Beast, there are people who can do that to you as well. These are the ones who recognize your strengths, appreciate you, and encourage you. Avoid those who judge you and look down on you.

Also make sure to choose a career or business that you are passionate about and that play up your strengths.

Of course this does not mean you completely ignore your weaknesses already. Yes, you accept them but you should still try to work on them one step at a time.

Love is a Powerful Key for Transformation

brothers-457234_960_720In “Beauty and the Beast”, we see how love serves as a powerful trigger for transformation. It’s the same in real life.

If you’re surrounded with loving, supportive people and you engage in things you actually love to do, it becomes easier to shift your inner beast into something positive.

And when you want to change for the better because of your love for others, the motivation becomes greater and deeper, thus pushing you to keep trying until you succeed.